Welcome to Meadballs Meals

My name is Marnie Mead and I’m a Meadball. That’s the name my brothers and sister and I had growing up. On long car rides we’d debate what went into a Meadball – equal parts crazy, daring, smart, and adventurous.

Meadballs Meals is a dinner delivery service that started in August 2017, working out of new commercial kitchen in my family’s home in Fairview, PA. I buy the freshest, local ingredients from local farms and suppliers, cook in the kitchen, package it up and deliver.

If you like to eat, but don’t want to cook, Meadballs Meals is for you. Three meals for two people is $85 – discounts can be offered for multiple orders.


I’d like to make this as easy as possible, but I’m not offering online ordering right now. It’s best if we have a mini consult – either by e-mail, phone, or message. That way you know more about what to expect and I understand any dietary restrictions you might have. I can’t meet all dietary needs – my kitchen will have wheat, soy, dairy, nut, seafood, all cooked it in. I clean – but I can’t guarantee there won’t be some form of cross-contamination. Just so you know.

If you want to order, just call or message me at 814-470-8688, or message me via my Facebook page, Meadballs Meals, or email me at marnie@meadballs.com  If you want to find out more, sign up on this page for my newsletter, which will list specials.


Thai Chicken Salad: Made with cabbages, nut butter (tahini for those with nut allergies), onion, cucumber. Vegetables from Post Farms in North East.

Pasta roll ups: Freshly made pasta filled with ricotta cheese and roasted cauliflower filling, and topped with a roasted vegetable marinara. Vegetables from Post Farms in North East and my garden. Vegetarian. Served with a fresh salad and freshly baked focaccia bread.

Gazpacho: This delightful summer soup features fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions. Vegetarian. Served with a couscous salad with cucumber, chick peas, and feta cheese.


Cooking classes: Watch for more information.



I started cooking when I was 9 and one of our neighbors taught me how to make bread (I didn’t have hands for the piano). We’d pick berries in the summer – “Watch out of the bears,” my Dad would warn – and then I’d make pies. Summers were filled with corn, tomatoes, zucchini (lots and lots of zucchini), berries, and ice cream. I went to Italy to visit cousins when I was 14, and learned to fry zucchini flowers, make pesto, homemade pasta, peach pies, and cook with olive oil harvested from the family’s land. Since then, I’ve learned to cook the native specialties of my travels – whether it’s bistecca Florentine in Italy, baklava in Greece, Madelines from Paris, paella from Spain, or pork chops in Illinois. Living in Erie means a bounty of fruits and vegetables from mid-June through mid-November.